2. Getting Started

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2. Getting Started

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Installing The System

To install SceneMax3D on your Windows personal computer, go to the “Downloads” tab and click on the “Download PC Version” button, then when finished downloading activate the file and run the installation program until it’s finished.

It is possible that on some Windows 10/7 machines you will get a warning message. Just ignore it and proceed with the installation.  

Checking The System

Before starting to program, do a simple test for checking that everything is working:
In the code editor type this small program:

audio.play "melody2"
skybox.show "lagoon"
s is a dragon
s.turn left 360 in 30 seconds async
s.fly loop

Then, run the program by pressing on the “Run Program” button in the toolbar on the left. You should hear some nice music, see a flying dragon turning 360 degrees in 30 seconds