Cook Book

How Do I...

Load 3D Models

Learn how to load, position &  animate new 3D models 

Working With Projects

Create and switch between projects inside SceneMax3D development environment

Setting The Canvas Size

How to change the default canvas size

Start A Very Basic Cars Game

Learn how to initialize a basic cars game with just 4 lines of code 

Responding To Key Press

Learn how to react to a key-press events

Basic Collision Detection Code

Learn how to detect a collision between two moving objects in the scene

Using Procedures

Learn how to create and call procedures  

Adding Script Files To Your Game

Learn how to add files to your game’s folder 

Adding 2D Sprites To Your Game

Learn how to add 2D sprite objects to your games

Printing Text

Learn how to print text messages onto the screen  

Creating native Android apps

Learn how to export your games as native Android applications