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Level Up: The Importance of Video Game Programming for Kids

In recent years, video games have become increasingly popular among children and teenagers, with many spending hours each day playing their favorite titles. While some may view this trend as a cause for concern, video games programming can actually provide numerous benefits for kids. Firstly, video games programming can help children develop valuable technical skills.…
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SceneMax3D 1.8.0 release

SceneMax3D is pleased to announce the 1.8.0 release of its game creation suite. This version introduces a cool new features: Export your programs to native Android applications with full source code, allowing you to customize your mobile game directly in Android Studio and upload it to Google Play Store. New syntax for creating game objects…
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SceneMax3D Version 1.6.5 Is Published

SceneMax3D 1.6.5 was released on December – 23.The software contains bug fixes as well as new features: Go conditions – Boolean expression which is a pre-condition for a given procedure , event or animation to run Position Statement – Allows complex describe for an entity position Looking At attribute for move to statement – Now…
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An Online Live Demo Of SceneMax3D Programming Language

Hello Guys, My name is Adi Barda, the inventor of SceneMax3D programming language and development environment. I’m going to go online today, Apr-04-2020 at 17:00 EDT (UTC/GMT -4) to demonstrate my SceneMax3D programming language for kids. This demo is intended for kids/parents/teachers with passion for creating simple 3D video games. Click Here To Join The…
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A Car Racing Game Abilities For SceneMax3D Version 1.1.2

Yesterday, SceneMax3D development team has confirmed that version 1.1.2 is planned for having an all new set of car racing capabilities such as adding car 3D models, 3D car physics, acceleration, steering, braking etc. as well as new “static” attribute for race tracks models.

SceneMax3D Version 1.1.1 Is Here

Developer studio version 1.1.1 was released on Sep-01-2019 and it includes quite a few great features: Ability to import OGG & WAV audio files Attaching camera to an entity for FPS games Ability to pause and resume the game New set of fonts New low-poly “gemini” space ship Added a few more audio files With…
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